Based on my research, for optimal blogging results, I have 500 words to get across who we are (I feel like I am writing a college common app essay, and that our whole future depends on this blog entry) so I will try not to go over my word count!

For the past 12 months, in trying to describe who we are, we have said, “we are a cutting edge culinary concept we have dubbed ‘calorie-conscious.’”

Calorie-conscious refers to the quality of the calories we eat, not just the number. But really, that is WHAT we are, not WHO we are.


We are a husband and wife team, raising 3 kids and 5 (yep, 5!) dogs.

I am a mom, wife, friend, daughter, and sister. I have a “PhD” in over-parenting and a “master’s” in worrying. I am a professional dieter and proficient at most forms of exercise (running is still my favorite).

I am a baker, recipe researcher, party planner, and I’m adept at finding anything you may be looking for online, say for a party favor or a birthday gift. (Found fake candy rings once for a candy themed party—they looked so real someone tried to eat it!)

My husband is a father, husband, son, brother, golfer, adrenalin-adverse, lifelong health nut, home chef, and tattoo enthusiast who can hook you up with the best artist for whatever ink you might be considering!


My husband and I value our friends and our community, but our family above anything else. For 21 years we have tried to instill these values in our kids—family dinners being one of the greatest times to do so.

It was easy when they were little—“Dinner is now, now is when we eat, together”; “If you don’t like what we made, feel free to make a pb & j for yourself.”

Over time, it became more complicated. Not just getting everyone to the table at the same time (sports, tutors, plans), but getting everyone to eat the same thing (one won’t eat any meat, one will only eat meat, one only wants chicken wings and fries, but that’s another blog post).

It was in these earlier years that we came up with the concept of Lo-cal Kitchen. It’s how we have always eaten, how we have served our family and our friends, and how we want to prepare food for you and your family.


We know it is hard to find time to eat together and cook a healthy meal, one that everyone will love. We can’t fix everything for you, but at Lo-cal Kitchen we can offer you high quality, thoughtfully cooked food that makes healthy eating easy and accessible.

Lo-cal Kitchen makes “FOOD THAT COUNTS.”

(469 words! Nailed it!)

Debra Feinstein